Of ethnographic heritage point of view the isNemunas Delta ParkRegional unique. This is a historic region of Small Lithuania which belonged to the province, GermanicNorth -Scandinavian cultural influence zone. Moreover, the park covers a broad various boundary areas of the traditional lifestyle characteristics. The Nemunas Delta Regional Park is different from the Pajūris, Rambynas regional parks, the Curonian ,Spit National Park there the cultural heritage reflects the specific nature of the specific location.


territory of Lithuania Minor

Unfortunately, the historical circumstances in the region have repeatedly arisen dramatically. After the Second World War, there's almost no more old inhabitants - carriers of traditions, cultural heritage guardians, who were killed during the war, emigrated or were deported by Stalin era. The land was largely restructured, the old buildings have been destroyed, the traditional farming and land tenure systems were replaced with quite different from the previous ones.


However, the traces of culture remained relatively bright and visible, though very affected. The best specific cultural heritage reflects in preserved local architecture, tombs and even the technical monuments. Already during the Soviet period it was realized that there really is a unique heritage. For some objects or complexes have been granted protection status, such as a village Skirvytėlė was named a ​​Republican value ​​memorial village. Unfortunately, the status does not guarantee the protection and enhancement, which is lacking. No more active preservation measures have been taken. As a result, heritage is a permanent loss of the passive state.


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