The Nemunas delta regional park is rigmarole of canals, unique islands, flooded meadows, seaside marshes and forests. Delta is flooded every spring and often in winter. Then dozens of hectares of meadows and fields end up under water and scattered farmsteads are only available by boat.

Area of the park - 29 013 thousand hectares, forests occupy 10,3%, bodies of water 17,3%, swamps - 13%, settlements - 0,6%, other 7,2%. The park includes Nemunas delta's part with Ventė horn, Rusnė island, adjoin Ragininkai, Galzdonai islands, Krokų Lanka lake, Aukštumala, Rupkalvių Medžioklės swamps. Nemunas delta Regional Park is an integral part of alluvial plain deltoid landscape. According to prof. A. Basalykas the park landscape belonds to the Baltic waterhole area of the Nemunas deltas plain area. It identifies three districts: Šilute, Kintai and Rusne. Šilute - the largest one, stretches from the southeast of the park boundaries to the lower reaches of the river. Rusne district covers the youngest part of the Nemunas delta. It is the most equal and the lowest part of the park area it has the densest network of surface waters.

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