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Nemunas Delta Regional Park hydrographical region is owned by Coastal area. The park internal waters consists of the Curonian Lagoon basin to the eastern edge of Kniaupas Bay and inland waters a dense hydro graphic network - the Nemunas deltoid rivers, river mouths channels, lagoon (Krokų Lanka) and old river bed lakes and polder canals, fish ponds, bogs and mires deltoid complexes and shallow ground water.  

The main branch of the river Nemunas deltoid - Rusne to the town of the same name decomposes into two branches: Atmata (13 long km) and Skirvytė (9 long km) from the latter for a few hundred meters of the river Pakalnė (9 long km) branches off. Skirvytė in the right bank of island Rusne, leaving its old river bed in front of its mouth splits into two branches: the Tiesioji and Vytinė. Tiesioji (south branch), separating Briedžių Island from the Kaliningrad region coincides with the park boundary. The main branches the Nemunas, flowing in the area of the park or its boundaries, water flow is distributed as follows: average annual rate of 23% water of river Rusne draining Atmata, and 77% - Skirvytė.

Almost all Nemunas Delta Regional Park territory (except the Vente cape slope) belongs to the Nemunas River. The main arteries of rivers - the Nemunas River (actually Rusne - Skirvytė - straights) fairway (about 35 long km) coincides with the southern limit of the park. The northern limit of the park is also connected with the river: Minija downstream and the left Minija tributary Tenenis. In the southern park area on the outskirts of the island Galzdonai and Šilininkai interferes the right tributary of the Nemunas estuary Veržė (Veižo). Within the Nemunas delta regional park passes Leite, Voryčia (Rusne Right tributaries) Šyša, Minija (Atmata Right tributaries), Minija river mouth branch Upaite (a tributary of the Gulf Kniaupas) Aukštumala (Atmata canal to Lake Krokų Lanka) Pamatukas, Kampe, Kurpinė (Krokų Lanka's small tributaries) Purvalankis (lake canal to the river Minija tributary) left tributary of Šyša - Rupkalvė.

Ice covers formation in the Nemunas River and its tributaries, except Minija, starts on 19-23 September. Spring start debacle in 16 March, 20 April.  

The Nemunas Delta Regional Park lakes cover 909.1 hectares. According to their origin these lakes are divided into three groups: lagoon lakes, and old river bed (river of origin) and bog lakes. The former includes Krokų Lanka situated in 787 hectares. This is the largest lake in the park: its length - 4.1, km maximum width - 3.3, km maximum depth - 2.5 m. The lake shores are low, sandy, the nothern part is marshy.  

River of origin lakes in Park territory are concentrated on the island Rusne and in the Paleičių-Girininku-Šilininkai local floodplain meadows.  

Unique group consists Aukštumalos bog lakes most of which are clustered in the middle of the convex intact wetlands in the eastern part (of the total area of ​​16 ha).

The Nemunas Delta - the only territory in Lithuania, where no ground water feeds rivers, and on the contrary - the river water during the filtrates shores supplement groundwater

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