8 Skirvytėlės St., Rusnė, Šilutė district
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K. Banys ethnografical homestead-museum in Rusnė was found in 1997, as a typical farmstead of a fisherman. There remains, as before the 100 maybe 200 years, all three buildings - a house, a barn and a woodshed. The initial appearance of the building was unchanged in the renovation process which took place from 1989 to 1997. Interestind hallway, sitting room and bedroom interior indicates the beauty of folk architectural traditions. The purpose of the museum - to show a current and future generations at least a fraction of the XIX and XX centuries local way of life, their sensitivity to the natural environment, the ability to decorate buildings and everyday life.

Kintai, Šilutė district
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The ornithological station in Ventė Cape (Horn) was established in 1929 by professor Tadas Ivanauskas as the peninsula was and still is an ideal place for watching and catching birds. One of the biggest bird migration ways extends over the eastern shore of sea Baltic. Sometimes during September and October more than 3 million birds flies over the area per day! More than 70% of them turns to Curonian Lagoon and then about 30% choose the way crossing sky above the Ventė Cape. After establishing the Ventė Cape ornithological station approximately 60000-80000 birds are ringed per year. Some ringed birds were caught again even in Egypt, Iran and South Africa! For educational purposes not only bird watchers and tourists are welcome there but groups of schoolchildren too. In order to understand the mysterious features of migration birds and ringing, a little informative museum has been established there.


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