Fishing is limited in Nemunas delta regional park. To engage in fishing activity you must comply with these conditions:

  • Fishing is permitted year-round, under the amateur fishing regulations. Permissions for fishing are issued for one day, week (7 days) or month (30 days).
  • It is allowed to catch no more than 7kg of total weight of fish at one fishing.
  • From April 20 to May 20, all bream caught must be returned immediately to the water.
  • Recreational fishing right is given when the charge is paid. The charges are collected to preserve and restore the fish stocks.
  • Fishing permits (L10) can be purchased through the environmental permitting system (ALIS) and electronic services to individuals and legal entities ( Authorizations can also be obtained through Olifėja (Perl / winnings) terminals, authorization code: 10 10 82
  • Persons under 16 years of age, those older than 62 and disabled persons have the right to fish for free by having the status of document.

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