Ornithological terms of the -Nemunas Delta ParkRegional is important as the international and national importance territory. Park wetland ecosystem, the Curonian Lagoon, Nemunas with all its branches, ponds, Krokų Lanka lake, led to a large breeding and the migrating water, marshes and the wet places birds concentration. The park runs through the Arctic-Europe-East African bird migration route. Through here also migrates a various species of bats and butterflies.

294 species of birds were found in a parks terittory. Delta habitat diversity, food availability, migration path led to the fact that out of 325 bird species found in in Lithuania 20 was observed in the Nemunas Delta. This list adds up annually 1-2 new species. Delta is characterized not only as migrant birds resting and feeding place, but also as a significant number of rare birds brooding place. 169 bird species were detected hatching, 14 -is possibly breeding.

Internationally important as a migratory whooper swan focus of a meadow between the village Minge and Stankiškiai, Kintu farm meadows between the Minija River and Lanka. At national level, an important place for birds: Kniaupas Gulf,lake Krokų Rusnė fishing ponds, lake Lanka, Krokų forests Žalgiris and others.

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